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Mitzie Grace Etrata

Nursepreneur, Health and Wellness Coach, Yoga Fanatic, Chef-At-Home, Nature Lover 

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In my 22 years of being a Nurse, I have cared for people with different kinds of diseases and worked with a lot of health care professionals in various settings. This experience made me realise that people in our field are the number one guilty of not taking care of our health.

Hence, I decided to start my journey in regaining my health and wellness. I also promote positive mindset.

This process is still a work in progress, but on the way I have discovered a greater purpose - that as well as improving myself, I also love helping others become the "Best Version" of themselves and that includes their health.

Do you want to be a part of our movement in helping people improve their health, if so, I would love to have you on board! Hop on! 

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Anna De Guzman

Mumpreneur, Personal Growth Coach, BTS ARMY, Foodie, Bookworm


Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you work, you never seem to get ahead in life?

That was exactly how I felt. Working in the corporate world for more than 10 years, I was miserable, burnt out and my health was suffering. You know that feeling of waking up very tired as if you've never slept at all?

I have very self-limiting beliefs back then. I thought I will just grow old struggling in life because I did not have a university degree and I could not get a high-paying job. Then one day, a friend shared to me a remarkable opportunity. Immediately, I saw a glimmer of hope.

Through the business I discovered personal development. I have learnt more about myself and became self-aware. I have also realised the importance of mental health. I've learnt that everything starts with the mind and that mental wellbeing is as important as physical health.

Now I am en-route to becoming my higher self. I am optimistic about the future and developed a passion for personal growth. My mission is to share with others that there is a way to get out of the box of mediocre life and to educate people about the importance of mental wellbeing. I believe that we exist not just for ourselves but to enrich the lives of each person that crosses our path. Will you join me on my mission? If yes, then let's start! 

Our Story: About
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